Advertising And Sponsorship

I am happy to accept advertising and sponsorship of posts from individuals or companies likely to be of interest to my readers.

As this is a YA blog, I would generally expect people interested in advertising to be creators or publishers of YA books, or of other media related to YA books. 

Please note I will not be running any adverts for anything unsuitable for teenage readers.

Please also note that this is the first time I’ve sold advertising on one of my sites and rates are subject to change in the future. In addition, as the site was only launched on 25th January, I won’t have stats to provide to interested parties yet. This has been reflected in the rates for advertising being currently relatively cheap.

Advertising currently available is in the form of 300 x 300 images in the sidebar, linked to your homepage or another page of your choice. One 300 x 300 image will cost $25 USD per week, or $75 USD for 4 weeks.

Sponsorship is available for any posts created solely by me (in other words, not guest posts or interviews.) Sponsorship of a post will cost $30 USD. Sponsorship of a post means that your book or other product will be included at the top of the post, with a note thanking you for sponsoring the post. In addition, when I initially tweet about the post, I’ll tag you and thank you for sponsoring it.

If you are interested in potentially advertising with me or sponsoring a post, please e-mail me at