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Jennifer Strange cover

Title: Jennifer Strange

Cat Scully

Age range/Genre: YA horror

Release Date
: Out Now


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Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Strange is the Sparrow, cursed with the ability to give ghosts and demonic spirits a body – a flesh and blood anchor in the mortal world – with the touch of her hand. When a ghost attacks her high school and awakens her powers, her father dumps her unceremoniously in the care of her estranged older sister Liz, leaving only his journal as an explanation.

Drawn to the power of the Sparrow, the supernatural creatures preying on Savannah, Georgia will do anything to receive Jennifer’s powerful gift. The sisters must learn to trust each other again and uncover the truth about their family history by deciphering their father’s journal…because if they can’t, Jennifer’s uncontrolled power will rip apart the veil that separates the living from the dead.

A fast-paced and splattery romp, fans of Supernatural, Buffy, and Evil Dead will enjoy Jennifer Strange – the first illustrated novel in a trilogy of stylish queer young adult horror books with big scares for readers not quite ready for adult horror.

As mentioned last week, will be alternating between US and UK news on Saturdays. It’s the turn of the US this time. Comment if there’s anything I’ve missed, please! And feedback is always welcome, of course. For more details, click links for sources, or book titles for Goodreads pages.


I wasn’t planning on talking about new releases here, as I have the monthly preview post for that. Of course, I’ve figured out there are a couple I’m excited for that I missed from the monthly post. So I figured better late than never!

Olivia Wildenstein and Katie Hayoz, who kindly sponsored yesterday’s post for me, released Of Wicked Blood last week. First in a paranormal romance duology, this story about a thief who gets cursed, leading him into a magical treasure hunt, sounds great. It’s also only $2.99 until 10th Feb, so if you like the sound of it, grab it now!

I’m hugely excited for Of Silver And Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke, coming from Flux on February 16th! Somehow, I had the month wrong in my supposedly super-accurate release spreadsheet. Thankfully, Anya Josephs included it in their guest post for me last week, and I’ve updated my file now. This fast-paced multi-POV story which shows a variety of characters on different sides of a rebel plot to overthrow the King sounds fantastic.


Kay Reenea revealed the cover for her high school romance, Close To You, coming out on Monday Feb 8th. This looks really cool; I’m glad there’s only a few days to wait for it! 

Bella Books revealed the cover to The Convincing Hour by Ann Roberts, out in September. It’s hard to summarize this one in a sentence or two, but it definitely looks intriguing! 


Kalyn Josephson’s fantasy The Storm Crow (Sourcebooks Fire) is’s Book Of The Month. That means the audiobook is just $9.99.

Page Street Kids announced they’ll be publishing Zack Smedley’s YA contemporary Tonight We Rule The World, which looks excellent.  

Levine Querido announced they’ll publish Sacha Lamb’s When The Angels Left The Old Country, a queer YA historical fantasy with own voices Jewish rep. LQ’s books are consistently great and this sounds amazing.

Speaking of Levine Querido, this isn’t exactly news, but LayaHimalaya – one of my favourite artists – has done some GORGEOUS fan art for Darcie Little Badger and Rovina Cai’s Elatsoe! Check out this thread on Laya’s Twitter.


Hypable have an exclusive extract of Covet by Tracy Wolff (Entangled Teen.)

Comics Beat have a preview of upcoming YA contemporary graphic novel Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms. This is by Crystal Frazier and Val Wise, published by Oni Press. It sounds adorable – a cis lesbian reconnects with a trans friend after joining the cheerleading squad. It’s described as a sweet queer romance perfect for fans of Check, Please, which I loved.


Reviewers who use Netgalley, don’t miss these books!

Billions of Beautiful Hearts by Kevin Craig (Duet Books) – super cute contemporary romance short, only on there until 19th Feb. Get it here.

Down With This Ship by Katie Kingman (Flux Books) – Contemporary centred around a girl who writes fanfic; this looks great. Get it here

A Dragonbird in the Fern by Laura Rueckert (Flux Books) – Fantasy in which a dyslexic princess seeks revenge for her sister’s murder; this also looks wonderful. Get it here.


Anna Carey, author of This Is Not The Jess Show (Quirk Books) was interviewed on Shondaland. 

PEN America interviewed Renée Watson, author of Love Is A Revolution (Bloomsbury).



Olivia Chadha, author of Rise of the Red Hand (Erewhon Books) appeared on Rose Quinn’s podcast

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but there’s an Entangled Teen panel on YouTube! I’m especially excited as it includes Molly E Lee, author of the wonderful Ask Me Anything. Angie Barrett, Tracy Wolff, Marlene Perez and AK Wilder join her – what a great line-up! 



The Locus Recommended List includes The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke (Erewhon), Shadowshaper: Legacy by Daniel Jose Older (Scholastic), A Wizard’s Guide To Defensive Baking by T Kingfisher (Argyll), Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger, illustrated by Rovina Cai (Levine Querido) and The Mermaid, The Witch And The Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall (Candlewick).

Teen Vogue has a great list of upcoming books by trans/enby authors. Indie books there include Between Perfect And Real by Ray Stoeve (Amulet), Can’t Take That Away by Steven Salvatore (Bloomsbury) and Scapegracers sequel The Scratch Daughters by Hannah Abigail Clarke (Erehwon). 

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